dear mom, it’s me. i love you.

So I’m sitting here at my desk and I get a notification from my oldest son’s school account saying he’s posted something.  It says “I want to tell you I love you, Mom.”

This coming from a kid who is struggling already with this divorce.  Now he’s having to deal with his dad NOT being there.  With the fact that his dad chose alcohol over him, his brother, and his mom.    I don’t think anyone will understand how it feels to have this message arrive in my email.

Do I completely adore it?  YES.  It was fantastic.  But I know by him doing this it shows me how sad his little heart is.  At school.  And I can’t fix this.  It kills me.  I have to figure out a way to make things okay-ish for him.  Any ideas?

Taco bell is a quick fix for tonight.  Maybe some video games and a movie.  I can do a sleepover.  But sigh.

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